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Review of 31.07.2019 11:46

Maurice P.
Superb service. After ordering a well priced item for mountain biking, I actually got a phone call to ensure I was buying the right thing (it was a product designed for snowboarding). How rare to find a company more interested in real value and happy customers than simply sales. Real customer service, fast delivery, I'd give 6 stars if I could!

Review of 31.07.2013 12:57

Sarah O.
I struggled with the payment system initially, but from the moment I contacted you, your service was friendly, professional and very helpful!!! An absolute pleasure to deal with everyone I spoke to.....outstanding service!

This payment system Sofort Direct e-banking was new for UK customers and now solved with your help, thanks!

Review of 16.05.2013 20:07

Kersten G.
Not that many shops are multilingual and certainly not if you have a question by phone. When I asked whether the Flexmeter could be in one day later because I need them in Munich, I was stunned by the response. No problem we'll just send your order to your residence in Munich out of our German Office.

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