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Level Thumb Protector

Level Thumb Protector S-M

Level Thumb Protector S-M

Avoid Ski Thumb

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Level Thumb Protector L-XL

Level Thumb Protector L-XL

Avoid Ski Thumb


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Shipping time: 1-2 Days NL *
Weight KG: 1.20
incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
59,95 EUR

Ski Thumb Protector Level


Extra resistant and sliding advantage
Guarantees fit and comfort.
Strong adjustable closing system
Holds thumb in place

Ski thumb, hockey thumb , handball thumb, all sports injuries by strain, tracing or flapping backwards of the thumb caused. A skier falls and the thumb is forced by the ski pole in the direction of the forearm. With the result that the sprained ligament on the inside, there is a tear or fracture. Symptoms include swelling, loss of strength in the thumb. Treatment of a ski thumb is, at best tape more often a splint plaster, in the worst case operation. Skiers with a ski thumb make between 5 and 20% out of all  skiers injuries. Avoid a ski thumb with this fantastic thumb protector that keeps the thumb in his position even in a hard fall or collision, the thumb protector prevents the thumb from injuries. Delivery 1 pair.

Level Thumb Protector rarely get damaged while skiing. Instead, the edges of skis and the buckles of your boots  are normally the cause of damage to your Level Thumb Protector.

Measure your size:
Measure the thumb up on the outside from the bottom of the thumb to the end of the thumb
SM 6.5-9.5cm
LXL 9.5-12cm

Washinginstructions: Handwash 30 degrees
Wash dark colors separately
No dryer drying

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Level snowboard gloves and skigloves that you have purchased from us are guaranteed for 3 years from the production date of manufacture against mistakes in materials and/or mistakes caused by workmanship. Excluded from warranty: Damage due to improper use, normal wear and tear and defects which only slightly affect the value or the usefulness of the product. Snowboard and ski gloves rare get defect while skiing and snowboarding itself. It happens usually in other activities, as the wearing of ski and snowboard, and on and pulling out of ski shoes and snowboard shoes. How to handle the Warranty claim: Have the invoice ready, your name or name of the buyer and e-mail or call us, see contact information.
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