Flexmeter Single
Flexmeter 1 protector for freedom of movement
Flexmeter bends until there and no further
elastic textile
Flexmeter Wristguard Single

Flexmeter Wristguard Single

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Wristguard Flexmeter Single Protector Small

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Wristguard Flexmeter Single Medium

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Wristguard Flexmeter Single large

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  • Wordwide the first Snowboard wristguard
  • 1 Protector
  • Hytrel®-techniek Du Pont®
  • Flexiblel
  • Full mobility
  • Price a pair

See NOTES tab for sizes, material and washinstructions

Flexmeter wristprotector single small wrist guards 1 dorsal protection dorsal Flexmeter, the first effective wrist protection for snowboarding and other wintersports and funsports! It gives protection, while allowing full mobility of your wrists.And has been designed by physicians, engineers and trauma specialists, specifically for snowboarding. Flexmeter is a dorsal protection worn on the back of the wrist which disperses initial impact loads up the forearm by transfering the energy. The logo is blue now.

Snowboard Protektor Flexmeter Wristprotector Single

The fracture of the wrist at snowoboard : Still to many wrist fractures are caused by snowboard falls each winter season throughout the world. The fracture is almost always located on the lower extreme part of the radius, just above the wrist joint. With its Hytrel (by Du Pont) protection, enables the hyperextension of the wrist and absorbs compression forces. Scientific studies has shown the effectiveness of Flexmeter in reducing the risk of wrist injuries in snowboarding. Wrist fractures have been diminished by 67% in a group of snowboarders wearing Flexmeter protectors, compare to a group wearing no protection. It does fit under most snowboard gloves.

Freedom of movement:

wristprotector was designed to respect the anatomical shape of the wrist; it follows its shape and outline. It allows normal mobility of the wrist for ease of usage, as opposed to the protection commonly used by snowboarders, that are actually designed for in-line skating. The skate-type guards are often inappropriate and dangerous because they are too short, too stiff and they don’t protect the wrists. Fractures are more severe when wearing these devices.

For high risk sports:

For skate, EUC and Skeeler as well as other sports were wrist protection is a must have a look at our Flexmeter Plus D3O especially designed for freestyle snowboard. The way snowboarders fall is well known: it can be a hard landing on the heel of the hand. The wrist than goes into hyperextension and compression, resulting in a fracture of the distal radius. With Flexmeter 1 protection, the hands and fingers are precluded from being outstretched and are therefore not subject to reverse extension injury.



For the correct size of Flexmeter Single measure your handcircumference:

Keep the 4 fingers together than measure 1 time around over the hand the size in cm.
Do not measure with the thumb closed to the fingers.


Handcirucmference in cm is your size:
Small : less than 16 cm lenght of splint 170 mm
Medium : between 16 and 20 cm length of splint 210 mm
Large: more than 20 cm lenght of splint 230 mm

Mention this result in cm onto your order placed!

Material Flexmeter Single:
90% Neopren
10% Polythylen
100% Polyamid

Flexmeter Logo is blue on Flexmeter Single

Manufacturer Info
Flexmeter manufacturer is since 2014 Demon, used to come out of the French Alps 2003-2014 were it was invented .

Demon manufacturer warranty: 1 year from date of purchase. The geographical scope is the European Economic Area. Manufacturer warranty excluded: Damage due to improper use, normal wear and defects that affect the value or usability of the device only slightly. The use of other than original parts void the warranty of Demon. What to do in case of warranty: Report within 21 days after entry of the warranty Keep the invoice, date of purchase, your name and / or name of the buyer ready. And the problem description possibly with image. E-mail or call us, see contact information. We do have to mention you: that no restrictions on the compliance law (legal warranty) take place by the above mentioned warranty.nty.
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