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Wristguard for snowboard as Flexmeter Single and Flexmeter Plus D3O. It depends on whether you have much or less risk of wrist injury, or have had a broken wrist in the past than you have one goal the best for your wrist, have a look at Flexmeter Plus D30 than. Protective gear to reduce injuries, for her or him. Flexmeter wristguards since 2003 developed for snowboard used with many more sports such as monowheel, ski, skate, skeeler, mountain bike and more. Snowboard gloves with wrist protection Biomex from Level, or Flexmeter wrist guards to reduceĀ  bruises, fractures. Snowboard gloves Super Pipe Gloves especially for daredevils. For snowboard a craspant also called impact short or long protective pants are essential, important is to know what exactly you want to protect each impact short has his own characteristic. XConnect extra attention for hips, X2 full protection on your buttocks, D30 on tailbone. We will always send you the latest model, unless otherwise agreed. Welcome and enjoy our wintersport-online-shop.

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Flexmeter Plus D3O more freedom ...

Snowboard Wristguard Flexmeter Plus D3O

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Flexmeter Plus D3O more freedom of movement more comfort

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