Azzpadz D3O coccyx protector
Azzpadz Crash Pants D3O
Azzpadz Crash Pants D3O
Azzpadz Crash Pants D3O

Azzpadz Crash Pants D3O

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Azzpadz Crash Pants D3O Medium

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Azzpadz Crash Pants D3O Large

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  • D3O hardened during crash
  • D3O soft in free state
  • D3O Tailbone protector
  • Dual-density foam 3mm
  • Anatomically design; less is more
  • adjustable waistband
  • Elastic leg straps
  • On and off takes seconds

Azzpadz D3O

See specifications for size, material and maintenance

Azzpadz with D3O protector for the coccyx / tailbone. Often do fall starting snowboarders on the tailbone, resulting in days long lingering pain. Pro snowboarders wear this CrashPant D3O because this version can be prematurely taken on without pants to take off, with eg grabs in seconds and quickly to chill. Avoid pain in the tailbone wear this D3O Crashpant Azzpadz. Buying tailbone protectors you can do here.

D3O Material:

D3O material is designed to absorb shocks, intelligent molecules take care of recovery of the material. The shock arrives by a crash and by falling down, D3O processes the force of impact by catching it and immediate spread it over the Azzpadz. By dividing the blow is not only one bone or one joint affected by the full force of the blow, but everything around it. Wearing this Azzpadz reduces the risk of a broken and even heavier bruised tailbone. D3O is designed to absorb a lot of blows. Besides these also available in this : D3O crash pants, knee pads and elbow pads with D3O, snowboard and ski jackets with D3O on shoulders and elbows.


Azzpadz d3o Medium:
Waist circumference 66-81cm
Protector width (Middle) 20 cm
Protector length 28 cm
Belt length 108 cm

Azzpadz d3o Large:
Waist circumference 82-112 cm
Protector width (Middle) 20 cm
Protector length 32,5 cm
Belt length 123 cm


Washing Instructions:
Handwash Cold water
Use no laundry detergent
Wash dark colors separately
No dry in dryer

Manufacturer Info

Demon Demon Manufacturer and designing gear to the Xtreme since 1999. Demon protective gear such as wristguards snowboard gloves, padded shorts, impact gear, spine guards, helmets, D3O protective gear and snowboard tools like wax, screw driver, wax scrapers etc.

Demon manufacturer warranty: 1 year from date of purchase. The geographical scope is the European Economic Area. Demon International, LC. 51 West Center St. #170 Orem, UT 84057 USA Manufacturer warranty excluded: Damage due to improper use, normal wear and defects that affect the value or usability of the device only slightly. The use of other than original parts void the warranty of Demon. What to do in case of warranty: Report within 21 days after entry of the warranty Keep the invoice, date of purchase, your name and / or name of the buyer ready. And the problem description possibly with image. E-mail or call us, see contact information. We do have to mention you: that no restrictions on the compliance law (legal warranty) take place by the above mentioned warranty.
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I got these for mountain biking, despite them being designed for snowboarding. Specifically, I wanted something that would give solid protection when you loop out backwards on a mountain bike and land hard on your arse, such as can easily happen when practicing/learning manuals or wheelies. I was warned the azzpadz might be uncomfortable with a saddle, but this is not the case. I have used them for a week including bikepark practice and trail riding. I rode a 20km trail loop and, worn under outer bike shorts and above inner chamois shorts, I barely noticed I was wearing it after a while, even when sitting on saddle. Thankfully I haven\\\'t had any \\\"high speed loop-out land so hard you scream\\\" tests to report, but it seems to give just about the best protection I could find at the moment. It won\\\'t be part of my every day/every ride kit as would be overkill for most rides, but for when you need the added confidence of knowing you\\\'ll probably get away with it if your tailbone hits a rock, these work well for me and you can cycle fine sitting on the saddle when you want/need to. It you\\\'re practicing manuals and wheelies and have seen the bruises that can result, these are worth considering. Be aware that they give good protection to your lower back, tailbone, and sitbones, but they don\\\'t protect your hips or thighs.
Good service great people know what they talking about thanks folks

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