Komperdell Cross 4 Protector Pack Men
MTB Pro Protectorpack Komperdell
MTB Pro Protectorpack Komperdell

MTB Pro Protectorpack Komperdell

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Dual Density Cross 7.1
Waterbag 2 liter inside
fixed reusable straw
Slim Kidneybelt with atletic desing
Multi-impact capability - self-regenerating Dual Density foam

E-MTB Pro Protectorpack Komperdell Blue Black

MTB Pro Protectorpack is ideal for long mountain bike und e-mountainbike rides on impassable roads in a mountainous forest with lots of tree stumps and unexpected descents, and for a long ride through the city on your EUC, where protruding paving stones, sharp curbs, uneven asphalt roads make your day, this is where the back protector made from multi-layer dual density foam works best.

See NOTES tab for size, material and washing instructions

Dual-Density adapts to the shape of your back, in the event of a crash the foam is deformed to protect it and then after it returns to its original state,which it does very frequently if needed to.

 Back Length  57-61  62-66  67-71                            
Small S          
Medium   M        
Large     L      


Measured from the top to the bottom of the insert (in the middle):
Medium back length 62-66 cm
Large back length 67-71 cm

Medium: Waist 39  Torsolenght Shoulder- taille waist 37-39cm

Correct Cleaning

Long term the manufacturer recommandends to use a dump cloth to remove any dirt at the protector. Do not dry clean. Do not use any solvents or other chemical substances.

Material information

92% Polyamid PA
8% Polyurethane PU

The backprotector has been produced from material which ae classified as beeing harmless to humans according to current knowledge.

Manufacturer Info

Komperdell was founded in 1922 by the company Bednar in Vienna. The first products of the small turnery were hiking, walking and billiard cues from Hazel wood. In 1928 Komperdell has 50 employees and gradually developed into a leading manufacturer of ski poles. In 1983 the company was acquired by CAMARO and the production was moved to Mondsee. Extra light, unbreakable Carbon sticks, handles innovative and revolutionary cushioning systems and protectors, gloves and functional underwear are now the main focus of the family business, working with many top athletes intensively, including with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dumjovits. Use, sale or marketing of Komperdell products in the USA or Canada is not permitted.

Komperdell Sportartikel Ges.m.b.H. Wagnermühle 30 5310 Mondsee Austria Komperdell manufacturer warranty: 1/2 Year Warranty according to Law. The geographical scope is in the European economic area. The following are excluded from the guarantee: Damage due to improper use are due to normal wear and tear and defects that affect the value or only negligibly affect the usability of the device. Intervention by unauthorized persons or when using other original Komperdell spare parts will void the warranty. The spatial scope is in the European economic area. How to report Guarantee: Report the warranty claim within 21 days of entry. needed are the invoice, the purchase date, name and / or buyer's name, and description of the problem if given with picture. Email or call us see contact details. We do have to mention you: that no restrictions on the compliance law (legal warranty) take place by the above mentioned warranty.
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