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Demon X D30 Smartskin Elbow Pad

Demon X D30 Smartskin Elbow Pad Medium

Demon X D30 Smartskin Elbow Pad Medium

D3O Elbow pad
extreme elastic
strong and durable
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Demon X D30 Smartskin Elbow Pad

  • D30
  • D30 hard during crash
  • D30 soft in free state
  • Optimal lightweight and breathable
  • Extremely athletic elastic textile with welding technique associated with shockproof d3o
  • Welding technique instead sewing, is stronger and more durable
  • Elbow protector X D30 Smart Skin ideal for many sports of ski, snowboard, mountain bike, sailing

See Add.2 for your size and material

A snowboarder has his hands free to catch the body during a fall, this false and yet logical reflex is often the cause of wrist injuries, wear wrist guards Flexmeter!

As climate changes it shows its effects everywhere and also the skiers and snowboarders are dealing also more and more with it. Take the intensity of the sun, and the sharp fluctuations at temperatures within a few hours it may just 10 degrees warmer. Who does not leave in the morning for a nice day tour with fine snow, almost powder and in the afternoon only few hours later home to mushy snow. Roughness as tree roots are laid bare. Crashes in these circumstances are often accompanied by abrasions through tree stumps or other obstacles. When falling, try to break the trap and absorb the body with the arm can leave massive abrasions. Then prevents a proper elbow protector not only the gall even annoyance. Also in previous injury to the elbow is advisable to wear elbow pads. The Smart Skin elbow protector is ideal by the D3O protector which the force of the blow distributes over the protector. Causing the pain to a particular bone or joint takes place and violently is not the case but all surrounding parts will also hurt but then causes less severe. The construction Smart Skin elbow protector is designed so that it is very elastic, strong and non-slip under all circumstances, including when slipping.

Elbow pad Demon Smartskin size table

Washing instructions:
Handwas cold
no laundry soap
not in dryer

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Demon Demon Manufacturer and designing gear to the Xtreme since 1999. Demon protective gear such as wristguards snowboard gloves, padded shorts, impact gear, spine guards, helmets, D3O protective gear and snowboard tools like wax, screw driver, wax scrapers etc.

Demon manufacturer warranty: 1 year from date of purchase. The geographical scope is the European Economic Area. Demon International, LC. 51 West Center St. #170 Orem, UT 84057 USA Manufacturer warranty excluded: Damage due to improper use, normal wear and defects that affect the value or usability of the device only slightly. The use of other than original parts void the warranty of Demon. What to do in case of warranty: Report within 21 days after entry of the warranty Keep the invoice, date of purchase, your name and / or name of the buyer ready. And the problem description possibly with image. E-mail or call us, see contact information. We do have to mention you: that no restrictions on the compliance law (legal warranty) take place by the above mentioned warranty.
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